Stained glass window kits

Making stained glass windows has never been easier than today. Now-a-days stained glass window kits are available in the market which has a comprehensive collection of tools that are required in the process of making stained glass windows. These kits are available for beginners as well as for those who are experts in this process. There are a number of online sites like that offers these products. Prices vary with the product and the level of complexity involved in the product. Whether you are a beginner or an expert in this field, it is no longer required for you to buy these products individually. You can embark on your project just by purchasing a kit as per your requirement.

For beginners, stained glass window kits contain pieces of pre designed window glasses that simply needs to be fitted together using copper foils or lead stains. The kit contains all the required materials and there is no need for you to procure materials separately. For those people who are at a more advanced stage than the beginners can opt for stained glass window kits that are a bit more complex than the beginner level. Here the glasses are again predesigned but the numbers of pieces are more and hence you will have to use your skills to a greater extent to complete the project. These kits are perfect for honing your skills. Kits are also available for people who are adept in the craft of making stained glass windows. These kits contain only the basic tools and you can express greater creativity with these kits. As there are no predesigned glass pieces you will have to create your own design and cut the glass pieces according to your need. Then you can solder the pieces together as per your requirement.  Working with these kits will not only hone your skills but you can also develop an idea about the various types of glasses that can be used for the purpose and the pros and cons of using different items in the kits. These kits are basically available in two forms: those containing copper foil tools and those containing leading stain glass tools. In case you are not sure about your style, you can opt to purchase the general glass tool kit.

Most of these stained glass window kits come equipped with a manual so that you can get proper instruction about the usage of the equipments. A typical beginner’s kit will contain core soldering iron, soldering iron stand, breaker/ grozer pliers, running pliers, glass, gel flux, flux brush, flux remover, black patina, copper foil, grinder shield, glass marking pen, safety goggles, copper-tin wire, glass pack and design patterns. The intermediate level kit contains equipments that are used to assist those craftsmen who are more skilled than the beginners. Thus these kits contain all the equipments that a stained glass enthusiast would need. All you need to do is research on the different types of kits that are available and purchase a kit that you need.


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