Stained Glass Suncatchers

Stained glass suncatchers are some of the best kits available for the hobby today. There are so many benefits to stained glass suncatcher kits that aren’t available with other types of stained glass. Stained glass suncatcher kits are simple, affordable, varied, and fun to make!

Stained glass suncatchers are fun and easy

The most important aspect of stained glass suncatcher kits are that they are both fun and easy to make. Suncatcher kits come pre-cut and ready to foil and solder together. Any beginner hobbyist knows that the most difficult aspect of making stained glass is that it takes awhile to get used to cutting along the exact line you want. This means pieces often end up being too small (and not able to be used) or too wide (and needing much grinding). Glass kits take out this step – they have perfectly cut glass in bright colors that fit together to make nice even solder lines.

Because the tedious task of cutting is taken out of the picture, beginners won’t be frustrated when making stained glass art. They can just focus on foiling and soldering – and producing beautiful pieces of art for their friends, families, or customers!

Stained Glass Suncatchers – no limit to the options!

A great aspect of suncatchers is that they are a type of free-form stained glass kit. Almost anything one might imagine can be made into a suncatcher. There are no borders to each piece. The edges are whatever the shape of the pattern is – kids will get a kick out of making these (under adult supervision) because so many fun shapes and pictures from childhood make great glass suncatchers. If you look hard enough, you can likely even find kits for their favorite cartoons and movies! Some other options that are widely available include crosses, flowers, birds, butterflies, and other small animals!

Affordability is helpful!

Stained glass suncatcher kits are affordable for three main reasons. The first is that there is no waste glass for the artist. The pieces come pre-cut meaning no money is lost on glass that will never be used (the off-cuts). Secondly, they are already run along a glass grinder to take the sharp edges off of each piece. Some people cannot afford purchasing a grinder and these kits avoid that necessity. Finally, they save time – and who wouldn’t agree that time is money. Half of the work is already done which means that artists can pump out twice as many pieces in the same amount of time.

You can make stained glass

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