Stained Glass Suncatcher Kits for Children’s Parties

Any time you have a group of children in your home you will have to find ways to keep them entertained.  Food and drink are great for keeping little hands busy but they can’t eat for the whole duration of the part.  Crafting activities, like stained glass suncatcher kits, are great for children’s parties.

You can buy stained glass suncatcher kits at most crafting stores or you can purchase them online and sometimes you will be able to get a discount.  The nice thing about these kits is that they come in a variety of designs and styles so they are good activities for girls and boys.  You can even purchase kits that go along with party themes.

If you are having a party with a fairytale theme, look for kits that feature princesses and knights and dragons and castles.  Basketball, baseball, soccer and football suncatchers are perfect for a sports themed party.

Stained glass suncatcher kits make it easy for children to personalize their own suncatcher.  Supervise them while they are at work and when they are done, put them on a baking sheet and slide them in the oven for the time stated on the instructions.  Not only will the children have fun making their craft, but they will have something to take home after as well!

The Colorbok brand is a great stained glass suncatcher kit for kids to have fun with!

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