Stained Glass Software

Stained glass is a style of artwork that has been made by artists for hundreds of years.  Many of the techniques have changed very little despite advancements in technology during this time.  However, some aspects of creating glass art definitely have improved with the information age!  Besides new tools that have been developed to make some aspects quicker and easier (for example glass grinders), one area that has become more efficient is the design of patterns to use for this art form.

Two main types of stained glass software have been developed to fulfill this need.  The first one is a program that can help artists design and change patterns.  The basic aspects of such software include the ability to create both straight lines and custom curves, adding colors to the patterns, and importing standard items such as bevels.  More advanced software include the ability to add a background image that you want to work from.  This allows you to draw the pattern lines on top of an image you want to recreate.  Much more realistic designs can be created.  For example – can you imagine trying to create a pattern for a person’s face without being able to draw right on top of a picture of them?

A second type of stained glass software are used to change the shapes and sizes of patterns.  One example of this is “Rapid Resizer” which almost instantly resizes the glass design to have new (bigger or smaller) dimensions.  This is a great way to avoid having to redraw your designs from scratch just to make small changes in shape or overall size.

Are these stained glass programs affordable?  In most cases the answer is a clear yes!  A quality stained glass program can easily have the costs recuperated in no time since it will help save hours of your time and make your artwork become more efficient overall!

Stained glass software can even be used to create patterns for stained glass mosaics!  All you’d have to do differently is change the thickness of the lines drawn by the program and it can account for the increased space between glass pieces in a mosaic or stepping stone.

You can make stained glass

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