Stained Glass Products

If you are in the market for stained glass products you could be searching for a wide range of items.  Since this website is about stained glass kits and supplies, this page will focus on some of the top selling stained glass products/supplies for art crafters!

Stained glass bevels are a great way to add a unique flair to any art glass window, panel, or suncatcher.  They come in a bunch of different shapes, sizes, designs, and even colors!  The most basic is the 1″ square bevel which is best bought in bulk to save lots of money!  These are used for corners, borders, or grouped together in the middle of a panel.  Other options include a bevel cross to use as a stand alone piece of stained glass, 2″x2″ squares, or fancier bevel clusters if you are feeling inspired!

Other stained glass products that are frequently purchased include copper foil for stained glass, and flux brushes.  The copper foil comes in many different options, but one of my favorites is the black-backed 7/32″ copper foil.  It is perfect because it doesn’t have the silver-back that regular copper foil has.  I use it on pieces that will have a black patina applied, or for any solid color pieces.  Flux brushes always come in handy and it’s best to have a bunch on hand so you don’t run out unexpectedly.  Amazon has them for the cheapest price I have ever seen anywhere (even in local glass supply stores).

Now, for the person who wants to buy a great stained glass window as a gift for that special someone.  There are so many artists that sell their windows and panels online at fantastic prices!  From art deco to modern beautiful pieces, there are hundreds of stained glass panels to choose from, with many of them being less than $100!

You can make stained glass


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