Stained Glass Picture Frame Kit

I think it’s pretty safe to say that a majority of people decide to start making stained glass artwork because of a desire to create presents for other people. Homemade presents are sometimes frowned upon – that is, until someone receives a beautiful stained glass present that is designed to be well-suited to the receiver. That’s when thoughts improve.

So, what is a good type of stained glass craft to make for someone? A photo frame is something that everyone can use and can be easily customized and quickly mastered – all thanks to the many stained glass picture frame kit choices available today.

The benefits of using a stained glass picture frame kit are clear. They provide a good stepping stone into the techniques needed for making art glass but avoid the hassle of needing to make every piece fit together perfectly since they often use the stained glass mosaic style of art in which pieces just need to approximate the desired shape to look good! You don’t need to learn how to use a glass cutter and you won’t need to buy a (sometimes) costly stained glass grinder.

Finally, stained glass kits of this nature usually come with all the supplies and the mosaic form needed. Inclusion of the actual glass for the art project is a great way to lower the cost and time needed to get everything together for your next stained glass picture frame kit!

The Midwest Products mosiac picture frame kit comes with the items needed to make a 5×7 picture frame. You can choose the design of the glass mosaic and the ultimate piece will measure 7.5 by 9.5 inches giving you plenty of space to play with. The mosaic glass pieces, gems, tile grout, and the glue are all included too!

Why not make a stained glass mosaic picture for someone you are close to. They make great gifts with a personal flair!

You can make stained glass

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