Stained Glass Pattern Books – what to expect

If there is one thing common to all stained glass artists, it is that the first step in making any piece of art is to find a design or pattern to work with.  Some artists will have no trouble making their own designs from scratch, but this usually comes with more experience in the hobby.  For the vast majority of people, it is easier to follow a design from one of many stained glass pattern books available nowadays.

When it comes to buying a stained glass pattern book, there are many things that will influence which one you should go with.  Most books will have a theme to the designs that are included.  If you want to make a glass frog, there is no use looking in books that only include contemporary stained glass designs – you would be better off looking for a set of suncatcher patterns of small animals.

The price is another factor that comes into play when choosing a pattern book to spend your hard earned money on.  The prices will vary widely depending on the number of patterns included and the quality of the patterns.  A book that targets novice artists will have simpler designs and likely cost only $10 or so.  A large book that has complex stained glass patterns can cost upwards of $40 or more depending on how well known the author is.  The higher price tag doesn’t mean you should just keep looking.  If you can see yourself making most of the pieces in the book, then it will likely be a good investment.

In a stained glass pattern book you can expect to find an introduction that will focus on the theme of the patterns included.  The majority of the pages will be devoted to the actual patterns.  Most books come with an index that includes small picture versions of every design which helps you get a glance of them all so you can focus in on ones you may be interested in.  If your book is any good, it should have pictures of completed stained glass art that was made from the patterns included.  This is done to help show off the quality of the work, and to give an idea of some color options that should be considered.

You can make stained glass

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