Stained Glass Kits For Beginners

There are a few comments here from people who are very interested in learning how to make stained glass.  They typically ask for information on the best stained glass kits for beginners but don’t always specify what they are specifically looking for but fortunately, the question is usually an easy one to answer!

Most people who look for stained glass kits for beginners are actually wanting to purchase a basic tool kit.  There are a few different companies that offer good quality glass kits for beginners but the ones that do include all the basic tools to get you started making your first stained glass suncatchers or windows!  Many people learn this type of art with the help of a class which will give access to a stained glass grinder which is one item that doesn’t usually come in many basic kits for beginners.

One good kit is available via Amazon (click here to see it) and it will be discussed here.  So what is included in the best stained glass kits for beginners?
Stained glass kit for beginners
The kit above has the following items all wrapped into one convenient package:

  • 2 oz flux paste – for use when soldering the pieces together
  • flux brush – used to spread the flux
  • 1″ running plier – to help “break” the scored glass
  • 3/8″ braker/grozer – similar to running pliers
  • steel wheel glass cutter – to score the cuts into the glass
  • 60/40 1 lb solder – for soldering!
  • 80 W solder iron – an 80 Watt iron is a good one to use for stained glass!
  • 1/4″ copper foil – is wrapped around each piece of stained glass
  • scythe stone
  • Memories in Glass book – includes some great basic patterns to get you started…

As mentioned earlier, the only other item you may want to purchase to go along with your stained glass kits for beginners is a stained glass grinder.  I personally use an Inland grinder which has lasted me more than 10 years and is still going strong!  Don’t worry about any other advanced glass supplies as they are really unnecessary when you are starting out with this form of art!  Learn the basics then decide what other tools you might like to add to your arsenal.

You can make stained glass


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