Stained Glass Kits

When it comes to stained glass artwork, there are a few different types of stained glass kits that can be of benefit.  These kits are generally made to help speed up the creation of quality glass art!  The three basic types of kits are tool kits, glass kits, and pre-cut pieces that come as a set.  Each of these stained glass kits has a different purpose for various artists, but they come in handy on occasion.

Stained Glass Kits Help Beginners and Advanced Artists

Stained glass kits are absolutely great for anyone new to the hobby.  The best type for this purpose are the pre-cut kits that come with all the pattern pieces already cut and ground to shape.  These kits allow the artist to enjoy this type of artwork without having to spend money on the more expensive tools.  One just has to add copper foil to the glass (by hand) arrange the pieces in the proper design, and solder everything together.  With that little amount of work, someone can quickly tell if they want to invest more time and money learning (more thoroughly) how to make stained glass at home.

With this approach, the only tools needed are a soldering iron really.  It is very easy to get hooked onto stained glass and the next type of stained glass kit allows an artist to further their enjoyment and talent at the same time.  Kits that include all the basic tools are an inexpensive approach to enhancing your skills. They typically include a soldering iron, grozing pliers, glass cutter, fid, glass pliers, and more.  Many glass tool kits also include basic supplies such as solder, acid flux, flux brush, glass cleaning liquid, and copper foil or a sample of lead came.

By purchasing a basic stained glass tool kit, the new artist can test the waters of stained glass by making their first suncatchers or glass windows from scratch with the help of simple patterns.  To get more out of the hobby, a stained glass grinder is beneficial as well.  The more inclusive stained glass kits include a grinder which is used to adjust miscut pieces of glass.

Stained glass kits are also available in the form of groups of complimentary sheet glass.  A kit might include 10 different ‘squares’ of glass of a variety of colors and patterns.  This is a great way to get to try out different brands of glass that one might not otherwise use.   Some types of glass typically used include waterglass, English muffle, clear, frosted or etched glass, and opaque colors.  When picking out some glass kits, try to find one with a set of colors that can be used all together in one piece.  This will help lower the cost of any given stained glass project.  Another thing to consider is getting glass types or colors that can be used in a variety of windows, suncatchers or lamps to help ensure that there is less overall waste and offcuts.

You can make stained glass

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