Stained Glass Grozier Pliers

KENT grozier pliersOne of the most important tools I find for making stained glass, is a good quality set of grozier pliers.  If this term is new to you, then you’re not alone.  When I started out, it meant nothing to me but I now see the benefit of having this tool in your arsenal.

Okay, let’s cut to the point.  After scoring the glass with your stained glass cutter, you need to separate the two pieces (the one you want to use from the rest of the sheet glass).  For big, straight cuts from a large piece, your hands will do a decent job of this, but once you are cutting smaller pieces away you definitely need a set of breaking pliers.  This is what your grozier pliers do.  They basically let you grip one pieces with the pliers while your other hand gently adds the downward pressure to help break the glass along your score line.

There is one main difference between ‘workshop pliers’ and grozing pliers that you will quickly notice.  One side of a pair of groziers is flat and the other side comes in at an arc to allow for precision breaking.  This also helps hold the piece of glass in the air after it breaks.

So, what brand of grozier pliers should you get?  The best selling set on Amazon is the KENT grozier plier.  6″ is a standard size and they are usually priced for sale around $10 to $12 which makes them a great deal!

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