Stained Glass Doors – Are they practical?

In this article by Ted Willis, he talks about the practical uses of stained glass doors. There are many places where people would want to use a nice high quality stained glass door in their home or office. They are used in hospitals, homes, and even by people who want to increase the value of their house (when trying to sell). For more information, his article is below.

By Ted Willis

Stained glass can bring beautiful sight in your conventional type of home. If you are planning to use pictures and colors, you can choose any color and picture of your desire. Stores that offer stained glass decorations can show different kinds of pictures to choose from. It is perfect for people who want privacy in their home, but want to have the glass for their doors. You can ensure that your interior glass doors will not be transparent because it is made of a bold glass with a picture. It will make your door look elegant and nice looking. Your friends and officemates will surely envy your new doors.

Interior glass doors are made up of fine quality glass that is specially design to add elegance in every home. Home builders prefer having stained interior doors in houses because it can definitely increase the value of every house with stained these doors. They can sell houses with doors in high price. These houses are much salable than other houses with conventional doors. That is why the demand has increased because of the increase in their demand.

• Houses for sale with stained glasses can easily look for a buyer that is interested in buying a house with it. It can attract a lot of buyers if you are planning to sell your house in the good amount. Real estate industries around the world are using the benefits of having them in their houses and buildings.

• Other establishments that are taking advantage of the benefit and usefulness of stained glass doors are department stores and malls all over the world. This kind of establishment uses these doors because this kind of door can be easily opened and closed. This is an important feature that most department store and malls are looking for. Their doors should be very accessible to any type of individuals. They also consider people with a disability by having doors.

• Hospitals and other healthcare facilities use stained glass doors. There are several reasons why healthcare facilities prefer stained interior glass doors than any kind of doors. One valid reason is because of privacy. Hospital rooms, especially rooms where medical procedures happen needs privacy and security. It can also prevent viruses from spreading. Doors can insulate a room and preventing the air inside a patient’s room to circulate inside the entire hospital. This is done in cases where some patients should be isolated from other patients. This is done to prevent the spread of diseases inside the hospital. It can also prevent further contamination because stained glass can be easily cleaned and sanitize unlike other types of doors.

Homeowners can also choose to paint their glass doors. The quality of the paint that is being use for glass doors are different from the one being use for an ordinary door. For this reason, you have to tell the store assistant to look for paint that is perfect for painting glass. They will give you paint, which can be easily absorbed by the glass.

Article Source: Practical Uses of Stained Glass Doors

Unfortunately, not many stained glass kits are made for making full glass doors. If you are interested in this, you’ll likely have to get a pattern book and do the cutting and grinding yourself. This is more of an advanced artist’s project than something most beginners would feel comfortable trying!

You can make stained glass

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