How To Find Reliable Stained Glass Artists

For some people who want stained glass items in their home, one option is to learn how to make them and thus create an endless supply of their own stained glass items.  This choice isn’t the top one for many people though who would prefer to find stained glass artists who can do a professional job making custom panels, suncatchers, windows, lamps, and other pieces of art.  But how does one go about finding stained glass artists to make works of art for sale?

Well, fortunately there are a bunch of ways one could find local and online stained glass artists.  If you want someone local, a good place to start is your local yellow pages directory.  Artists would likely be under the categories “Art”, “Artists”, or “Stained Glass” depending on how detailed your business directory gets.  Larger cities are more likely to break categories down into more specific options.

If you find more joy out of hunting down the best online stained glass artists, then you’re still in luck!  A variety of websites keep track of both up and coming and professional artists.  With a little bit of research skill, you’ll be sifting through directories of glass artists in no time.  Most of these will love the challenge of coming up with a custom stained glass design suited to your specific dimensions and desires.

Whether you choose to go with a local stained glass artist or you want to choose one online, one place that offers both is eBay!  You will be surprised at how many local artists will be selling their art wares online.  You might even find a professional from your own city!  is a great place to start your search!

You can make stained glass

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