Is Stained Glass An Expensive Hobby?

Today’s topic is “Is stained glass an expensive hobby?“.  This is one important question that is asked by many people who are considering taking up the hobby of stained glass.  The truth is that there is definitely some cost that comes with any hobby that has specific equipment needed to make good quality pieces of art.

The main start up costs when it comes to making stained glass go towards the stained glass supplies.  Most people will find they want to buy some basic tools initially then fill their art glass room/shop with more advanced equipment if they decide to go full tilt with stained glass as a hobby.

Basic tools will cost about $300 if you bought everything separately but you can save a lot of money by planning your tools/supplies purchases ahead!  At the bottom of this post you will find some tips on how to save money when getting started with stained glass hobby!

Here is a list of the tools most recommended for beginners (prices approximate and subject to change slightly):

If you want to avoid a big dent in your wallet when starting stained glass, you should definitely consider getting  your basic tools together in stained glass kits that usually come with most of the above (not likely to have a grinder though).  Then you will just need to get some glass and you’re good to get started with stained glass.  Amazon does sell a stained glass kit that has many of the essentials listed above (and more) for about $70!

You may be interested in cheap glass supplies or stained glass kits for beginners if you would like more detailed information.

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