How To Start Doing Stained Glass

This is a fairly common question for people interested in stained glass. Perhaps you have purchased a stained glass kit but find yourself wondering how to actually start making stained glass. A first step would be to read some tutorials online. There are quite a few different ways to go about this.

This website will ultimately have a picture tutorial on the basic stained glass techniques including pattern making, cutting out pieces, using a grinder, copper foiling, making sure your pieces line up before finally soldering, adding hoops for hanging your suncatcher and cleaning/polishing your stained glass artwork.

Youtube may be another place to actually find videos of how to start making stained glass. I haven’t yet fully looked through their videos but there are likely some quality ones to be found.

Taking a class in person is how I personally learned. I went to my local high school and discovered they had weekly stained glass classes for a good price.

A good stained glass instruction book/manual is where I would recommend starting out if you don’t have someone to teach you stained glass in person. There are a few different options when it comes to stained glass instruction books. The top three are:

  • Basic Stained Glass Making (for approx $13).  This book is full of brightly colored images and very precise instructions on each step of the stained glass making process.
  • Stained Glass Basics (for as low as $6).  This book is the one I personally have and is full of tips, techniques, and ideas for making boxes, lamps, suncatchers, and more!  Many other reviewers also agree that this book is almost perfect!
  • Stained Glass For Dummies (for $16).  This stained glass book has step by step instructions from the basics to more advanced considerations including setting up and buying tools that intermediate and more expert artists use!

In the near future, look for my own step by step directions on how to make stained glass suncatchers – with pictures!

You can make stained glass

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