Glass Kits

When it comes to making stained glass, one of the biggest recurrent costs is due to the raw materials needed. While there are fees associated with supplies such as solder, lead came, and copper foil, the most obvious material that needs to be bought over and over again is the sheet glass. Purchasing sheet glass in glass kits is a great way to save money!

Stained Glass Kits
Many people involved in this hobby purchase their sheet glass in sizes approximately one square foot – one foot wide and one foot long. Many stores have a section where glass is available in pieces as large as 2 feet by 3 feet, however day to day projects don’t often need custom glass that large. For people who need smaller pieces of glass at a time, these stores have glass squares – sale pieces that are a square foot each.

These glass squares are available in a huge variety of colors, textures, and clarity. Color can range from white to black, and blue, green, purple, red, pink, gold, yellow. Basically, if there is a color you want, it will likely be available. Textures are available in anything from smooth, to ripple glass, English muffle glass, frosted glass, and many more. When it comes to clarity, the basic choices are clear, translucent, and opaque. Translucent means some light passes through. Opaque glass blocks most (if not all) of the light that hits it.

Many times throughout the year, stained glass suppliers and shops offer discount stained glass kits. These packs of glass are cheaper because they are sold in bulk at these times. Sometimes, glass kits will be supplied in pre-packaged assortment packs. This is a great way to try out textures and colors that you would normally not use or need. Playing around with such new glass is a great aspect of the art.

Custom Glass Kits
Custom glass kits are perfect for many stained glass hobbyists. A custom glass kit is basically like a regular kit except the buyer is able to choose every single piece in the pack. There are two main times when these kits are useful. The first is for large projects that require a variety of colors of glass that the artist does not already have in stock. Bulk glass kits allow for the purchase of these sheets without being too hard on the wallet! The other scenario is when maybe only a few types of glass are needed but different amounts of each are required. The custom kit is a great way to pick and choose the amounts of each color of glass!

So, custom glass kits can come in handy for artists who make both big and small stained glass art. For suncatchers to full stained glass windows or panels, custom glass kits definitely help decrease the costs of the hobby!

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