Contemporary Stained Glass – Finding modern stained glass artwork

Because the art of stained glass has been around for hundreds of years, a variety of styles have developed to fill a range of niches this artwork can fill. Examples include leaded stained glass, copper foil stained glass, 3 dimensional glass art, suncatchers, and windows. Contemporary stained glass can really be any made in any of these styles which means that modern glass art is based more on the overall appearance of the piece than the method which was used to make it.

Lately, contemporary stained glass has become interpreted to mean bigger windows that have bold colors, intersecting pattern elements, or big swooping swathes of color. One good example is the art deco style of glass artwork. These pieces often incorporate symmetrical designs that use several bright colors. The art deco theme is easy to pick out and looks great in any modern home! Some of these patterns are even available for the holidays – for example Christmas stained glass art in a more contemporary theme.

Choosing contemporary stained glass for your home involves several steps to avoid buying lower-quality artwork. For starters, you should make sure that any possible artist actually knows how to make glass art in a more modern style. Be sure to look at a portfolio, even if it means just sifting through their website and gallery of images. Does the quality look top notch? There should be no chips, cracks, or broken pieces (though that is obvious). One way to make sure that your artist knows what they are doing is to ask for close-ups of the solder lines. They should be smooth and free of any extra blobs.

Overall, after a quick search online it shouldn’t be too difficult to find a stained glass artist making great contemporary suncatchers or windows. If they don’t have what you are specifically looking for, consider asking for a custom piece. Most should enjoy the challenge and the price for a custom stained glass piece shouldn’t be too much more than the art they already have for sale!

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