Cheap Glass Supplies

Finding cheap glass supplies is not a hard thing to do when you want to get involved with stained glass patterns. There are many companies that provide reasonable rates for these items. A list of some these companies have been compiled to give you several options when you choose to get started with this fascinating hobby.

WSG Wholesale & Supplies Inc – provides wholesale stained glass accessories. They have an assortment of decorative glass, glazing tools, glazing supplies and a variety of hardware parts. Typically you will need to order the minimum amount before purchasing your supplies. The glass is priced at approximately $7.87 to $13.41 per square foot when cut. Whatever you need in glass supplies, they would be able to handle it from seeded glass, cross reeded glass, to floral glass and antiqued glass. They have been in business since 1983 and created an online division in 2004.

Stained Glass Starter Kits – These kits are wonderful to have because it has everything you need to get started when you have considered the art of making stained glass as your next hobby. You don’t have to go through expensive supplies in a trial by error period. You can find many of these kits online for various prices (depending on the kit size) or you can find them at your local arts and crafts store. A basic kit should contain your grinder, soldering iron, glass cutter, pliers, solder, copper foil, fid, safety glasses, cutting fluid and your solder brush. Many of these supplies can be very expensive when purchased a la carte but by buying them as a kit you can save a considerable amount of money and afford all the tools you need!

Glass Crafters Stained Glass Supplies – This is an online company that literally gives you everything you need in cheap glass supplies. They have been in business since 1976, so they are not wet behind the ears by any means in regards to this business. Not only do they carry your typical glass supplies, but they offer you a variety of “how-to” manuals, a multitude of patterns, a supply catalog that is over 96 pages, gift ideas, classes, free patterns, and a never ending list of customer testimonials that are nothing less than positive.

Whatever company you choose to give your hard earned money to when it comes to buying cheap glass supplies, please make sure they offer quality tools, glass, and other stained glass grinder supplies. If you are spending money on these items, they should be worth the price!

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