How To Find Reliable Stained Glass Artists

For some people who want stained glass items in their home, one option is to learn how to make them and thus create an endless supply of their own stained glass items.  This choice isn’t the top one for many people though who would prefer to find stained glass artists who can do a professional […]

Stained glass tools needed to bring a home alive!

Here’s a post by Chris Jensen about the common stained glass tools needed for this hobby.  It’s quite a good description and includes some tips on how to get the best ones, and which options are best in certain circumstances. Click here for a quality stained glass tool kit! By Chris L. Jensen Below are […]

Stained Glass Pattern Books

Finding stained glass patterns can be a challenge especially for windows that have odd shapes; but no matter what type of project you have, once you have this art down, it is a perfect sight to see. One can often get mesmorized with its delicate beauty. You can find numerous amounts of patterns in stained […]

Cheap Glass Supplies

Finding cheap glass supplies is not a hard thing to do when you want to get involved with stained glass patterns. There are many companies that provide reasonable rates for these items. A list of some these companies have been compiled to give you several options when you choose to get started with this fascinating […]

Stained Glass Suncatchers

Stained glass suncatchers are some of the best kits available for the hobby today. There are so many benefits to stained glass suncatcher kits that aren’t available with other types of stained glass. Stained glass suncatcher kits are simple, affordable, varied, and fun to make! Stained glass suncatchers are fun and easy The most important […]

Glass Kits

When it comes to making stained glass, one of the biggest recurrent costs is due to the raw materials needed. While there are fees associated with supplies such as solder, lead came, and copper foil, the most obvious material that needs to be bought over and over again is the sheet glass. Purchasing sheet glass […]

Stained Glass Tools

The hobby of stained glass is really a very wide-ranging one.  There are artists of a large variety of talents.  Some people specialize in lamps and other three dimensional pieces of artwork while others prefer to make large panels and full windows and doors.  Even so, some artists (like myself) have decided to perfect the […]

About Us

This website was developed to show buyers the various stained glass kits options that are are on the market online.  With all the choices of stained glass kits, it is vitally important to choose the best one at the best price! While we do not endorse a given product or company, our goal is to […]

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Stained Glass Kits takes your privacy seriously. This privacy policy describes what personal information we collect and how we use it. See this privacy policy primer to learn more about privacy policies in general. Routine Information Collection All web servers track basic information about their visitors. This information includes, but is not limited to, IP […]

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