Stained Glass Grozier Pliers

One of the most important tools I find for making stained glass, is a good quality set of grozier pliers.  If this term is new to you, then you’re not alone.  When I started out, it meant nothing to me but I now see the benefit of having this tool in your arsenal. Okay, let’s […]

Stained Glass Products

If you are in the market for stained glass products you could be searching for a wide range of items.  Since this website is about stained glass kits and supplies, this page will focus on some of the top selling stained glass products/supplies for art crafters! Stained glass bevels are a great way to add […]

Learn How Copper Foil Stained Glass Is Made

When it comes to stained glass, there are two main methods that can be used to make the pieces of art.  These are the leaded glass method and copper foil stained glass.  Leaded stained glass basically uses pre-made strips of lead that hold the pieces of glass in place.  On the other hand, copper foil […]

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