Stained glass window kits

Making stained glass windows has never been easier than today. Now-a-days stained glass window kits are available in the market which has a comprehensive collection of tools that are required in the process of making stained glass windows. These kits are available for beginners as well as for those who are experts in this process. […]

Start Your New Hobby With Cheap Stained Glass Supplies

One of the things that people often worry about when they start a new hobby is the cost.  What if you end up not really enjoying the hobby and you spend a lot of money on supplies that you will never use?  If you are interested in stained glass as a hobby, you can use […]

Stained Glass Suncatcher Kits for Children’s Parties

Any time you have a group of children in your home you will have to find ways to keep them entertained.  Food and drink are great for keeping little hands busy but they can’t eat for the whole duration of the part.  Crafting activities, like stained glass suncatcher kits, are great for children’s parties. You […]

Stained Glass Kits For Beginners

There are a few comments here from people who are very interested in learning how to make stained glass.  They typically ask for information on the best stained glass kits for beginners but don’t always specify what they are specifically looking for but fortunately, the question is usually an easy one to answer! Most people […]

Stained Glass Picture Frame Kit

I think it’s pretty safe to say that a majority of people decide to start making stained glass artwork because of a desire to create presents for other people. Homemade presents are sometimes frowned upon – that is, until someone receives a beautiful stained glass present that is designed to be well-suited to the receiver. […]

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