Stained Glass Software

Stained glass is a style of artwork that has been made by artists for hundreds of years.  Many of the techniques have changed very little despite advancements in technology during this time.  However, some aspects of creating glass art definitely have improved with the information age!  Besides new tools that have been developed to make […]

Stained Glass Mosaics – an introduction to stained glass mosaics

Stained glass mosaics are different from usual glass art for a variety of reasons.  They are made with a different technique, are typically put in non-window locations, and tend to have a completely different look than traditional stained glass.  This introduction to this type of art will go over these aspects in detail.

Stained Glass Pattern Books – what to expect

If there is one thing common to all stained glass artists, it is that the first step in making any piece of art is to find a design or pattern to work with.  Some artists will have no trouble making their own designs from scratch, but this usually comes with more experience in the hobby.  […]

Contemporary Stained Glass – Finding modern stained glass artwork

Because the art of stained glass has been around for hundreds of years, a variety of styles have developed to fill a range of niches this artwork can fill. Examples include leaded stained glass, copper foil stained glass, 3 dimensional glass art, suncatchers, and windows. Contemporary stained glass can really be any made in any […]

Stained Glass Doors – Are they practical?

In this article by Ted Willis, he talks about the practical uses of stained glass doors. There are many places where people would want to use a nice high quality stained glass door in their home or office. They are used in hospitals, homes, and even by people who want to increase the value of […]

Christmas Stained Glass – the best art to get for the holidays

When it comes to Christmas presents for your beloved family members and best friends, some people are just very difficult to know what they might be interested in. For these people, choosing the best gift seems endlessly impossible. Fortunately at Christmas, stained glass is a great option to consider for these people. Choosing what type […]

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